GPS Teen Tracking & Monitoring Units

Track Teen Driving

Your teenage son or daughter just got their driver’s license and has taken the family car out for a spin.

Would you like to know if they are driving safely?

Every time a parent hands over the keys to their teen driver, they worry about the safety and actions of the newest driver in the household – For years, our GPS System has provided parents the peace of mind they need.

GPS Tracking technologies has been created to offer powerful GPS solutions to every parent that has a new teen driver. Now available at a discounted price with fully active FEATURES giving you peace of mind.

This is Realtime GPS:

Just a “click-of-a-button” GPS Tracking System. The system is WEB-BASED for convenient access with ANY Internet Connection and ANY computer (even an IPHONE). Our system is available to individuals or business owners that want to simply know where their vehicle is located at anytime WITHOUT having to call someone for the information. An interactive MAP will be provided when an instant “locate” is requested. Utilizing satellites to communicate to the device and sending the information through the extensive communication network gives the user real-time in the cloud access to location data anytime around the world.

  • No Software Installation
  • Plug and Play Easy to Use
  • Access 24 / 7 / 365
  • Unlimited Usage

Full Active Features:

  • Set Boundary Alerts (GEO-FENCE). Know when your TEEN DRIVER is traveling beyond your agreed area. If your TEEN drives outside the city limits, you can be easily notified via TEXT to your cell phone!
  • SPEEDING ALERTS over 60% of TEEN driving accidents are caused by speeding. Our SPEEDING ALERT will notify you (email or text) when excessive speeds are driven; allowing you to be proactive and instill safe driving habits.
  • REAL-TIME LOCATE & HISTORY BREADCRUMB VIEW See everywhere your TEEN has been driving, conveniently recall their driving route and know if they are using the car responsibly to assure their safety.

Peace of Mind:

  • PAST curfew, Have peace of mind! Access the vehicle’s location 24/7 via the Internet, your computer or smartphone.
  • Know when your teenage son or daughter is driving at excessive speeds. ALERT notices are sent to your choice of email, cell phone or fax number.
  • New drivers get Lost! Get online and you will see a map exactly where they are to help them get safely.
  • Instill good driving habits. By correcting bad driving habits when they happen you reinforce the importance of safety on the road and develop skills that can save their life and the lives of others.


  • Have the ability to choose the vehicle notifications you want to receive depending on your activities, turn on and off at your desire.
  • Use your iPhone or any Smart Phone to locate the vehicle anytime (simultaneously access all other features too!)
    Easy hard-wired installation or use a portable GPS tracker solution!
  • Obtain lower vehicle insurance premiums. You will receive a discount on your premium by most insurance providers. Ask for it and tell them you got it from us!

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Drivers in the 16-22 year old age group are involved in more accidents and fatalities than all other age groups combined.* Even the best of kids find themselves in difficult situations, due to 3 main factors:

  • Speed – excessive speed is cited as the number one reason for teen accidents/fatalities.
  • Inexperience – a teen’s mental and physical development are generally not on par with one another, and many teen drivers simply lack the core experience to successfully negotiate tricky traffic situations, weather conditions, or a new environment.
  • Peer Pressure – add one or more friends to the car and the distraction can prove fatal. Many teens feel social pressures to show off, speed, or perform dangerous acts behind the wheel to impress their peers.

This is Realtime GPS:

No software to install. Your tracking platform requires a compatible browser such as Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher in order to function properly.

By clicking the check box for BreadCrumbs, (found in the top right square of the tracking control panel) you enable the feature to see where the device has been throughout a given day, as well as the direction of travel and speed the device was traveling.

Tabs along the right side of the map screen: CALENDAR, GEOFENCE, REPORTS, will allow you to view historical location data for previous days/months, as well as access driving reports, and configure GeoFence alerts.

Maps can be viewed as Road view, Aerial view, or Hybrid (Road & Aerial). The map can be zoomed in or out, and panned by dragging the mouse around or using the pan/zoom control in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Use the calendars to view historical data of the movements your tracker has made. To change the month click the arrows on the top left and right.

Speed Information

Speed information can be useful in determining whether a person is traveling on foot or in a car, or whether a driver is exceeding the speed limit. Full GPS data allowing to view dates, times and speed of a record at each location update.


Cost Effective Solution Only $369

No monthly fees, FREE year service, optional renewal fee, choice of 5 min or 10 min continuous tracking, breadcrumb history view, realtime, web-based tracking, secure login.