High School Credit For Online Drivers Ed

Boost Your GPA. Get CA High School Credit While You Take FREE Drivers Education Online – $49

The benefits of our partnership with Orion High School; A Nationally Accredited School.

Earn high school credit while you learn the driving rules in California! Our convenient Online Drivers Ed program makes it easy to do both. You will learn the Rules of the Road AND earn High School Credits. You can study online anytime, anywhere you have internet access, even from your smartphone!

  • Boost Your GPA w/ an Easy A!! Retake your final test until you are happy with your final grade. The higher percentage on your final equals the final grade you’ll get on your transcript.
  • Our course is certified through our learning partner Orion High School. At the end of completing your Online Drivers Ed course our partner will provide you with a transcript.
  • Have the peace of mind knowing you are working on two things at once while learning the Rules of the Road and prepping for your California DMV written permit test.
  • Take advantage of your hard work and earn 2.5 elective credits (one elective class) to meet your graduation needs.
  • The cost is $49 (plus $10 shipping for transcript). The transcript will be sent directly to you in a sealed envelope, ready to turn in to the admissions office “un-opened”.

Purchase our course with confidence knowing you will be getting the knowledge and information you need to pass your California DMV written permit test and getting High School Credit at the same time.

Step 1:

Sign Up Now for our DMV approved Online Drivers Ed course.

Step 2:

Complete the Online Course. While you learn the Rules of the Road, and receive your course completion certificate, you will earn High School Credit. It is the same FREE Online Drivers Ed course our driving school offers.

Step 3:

Get CA High School Credit! When you complete the course we will send you official transcripts from Orion High School; a nationally accredited school, so the credits are recognized by public, private, and charter schools in California. Apply these credits toward graduation as non-core subject, elective credits.

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